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5.2 How to read the docs without Info?

Q: I'm too old/lazy/busy to learn yet another browser, and I despise uGNUsable programs like Emacs. How in the world can I read the DJGPP docs??

A: Info files are almost plain ASCII files, so you should be able to view them with your favorite text file browser or editor. You will lose the hypertext structure and you might have a hard time finding the next chapter (hint: look up the name of the Next node at the beginning of this node, then use the search commands of the browser, or the Grep program, to find that name), but other than that, you should be able to read all the text.

You can also produce pure ASCII files yourself, if you have their Texinfo sources. These are usually called *.txi or *.texi and should be included with the source distribution of every package. (You can use the DJGPP server's downloading services, to download individual files.) To produce an ASCII file foo.txt from the Texinfo file foo.txi, invoke the Makeinfo program like this:

 makeinfo --no-split --no-headers --output=foo.txt foo.txi

Makeinfo is one of the programs which come with the GNU Texinfo distribution.

If you prefer reading the docs through the Web, point your Web browser to the docs page of the DJGPP Web site.

The full documentation of the DJGPP C library in HTML format is available for downloading from the DJGPP server.